Premiered 2016

The Brick, Brooklyn

DUE TO EVENTS tells the story of Hero, a woman under house arrest, and her Lawyer who travels the world trying to find information that will set her free. Hero finds herself spending so much time with her Cat that perhaps she'll finally decide on a name for her, or at least listen to the plays the Cat's been writing. Meanwhile, a man named Voiceover provides ruminations on the expansion of the universe, the exciting possibilities of doing nothing, and the impossibility of telling a "whole story”.


November 2017

InFringe Festival

New Orleans, LA

August 2017

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh, Scotland

Obfuscation is a crash course on the absurdities of language in our age of market-tested, media savvy, politically weaponized messaging. In the head-spinning 35 minute performance, audiences are treated to a seminar on the Secret to Words That Work: a cocktail of flattery, lies, and misdirection that will help you exude confidence, manipulate your boss, and evade questioning by the secret police. Jean Ann and Eric play seminar instructors Sandy and Paul, who are either plotting a nefarious scheme or merely trying to find a word for love that hasn’t lost its meaning. Either way, if you forget your name, an extra will be provided.


First performed inside a rented moving truck as part of their Truck Project series, Obfuscation debuted in 2014 and was later featured as part of New York’s PRELUDE Festival. It now makes its UK debut in the Edinburgh Fringe.