workshop: The human Head Collaboration Method

In this three-hour workshop, we guide up to twelve participants through our unique process of engaging with source material – and each other – to arrive at a highly original and compelling premise for a new theater project. Beginning with pre-selected source materials, participants learn how their impulsive responses can become the building blocks of a new theatrical world.

Suitable for students, amateurs, or professional artists, our text and conversation-based method involves the simultaneous authorship of a single, shared document. It requires only a room with wireless internet and word-processing devices (laptop, tablet, etc.) for each participant.



“Human Head’s workshop takes the mystery out of the writing process. They taught my students how to actively peruse material and, rather than wait for inspiration to find them, to hunt it down.”
 –Jason A. Narvy, Concordia University Theater Department Head


“Jean Ann and Eric brought an infectious excitement to the room and ignited the students’ curiosity! They taught us how to take inspiration from things we think are ugly/stupid/weird as well as from those we love…[and] their stories about the Truck Project gave these young performing artists inspiration and permission to create their own art, however they see fit.”

-Sara Walsh, Hamilton College Theater Professor